Cedar Mulch - per yard

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Minimum Purchase:
5 units

Cedar Mulch is a popular choice because it lasts longer than other mulches. It is the lightest in color, a light brown. It is a little chunkier than hardwood or pine bark and can be a little acidic; if you have plants that are acid lovers, like rhododendron or azalea, this could be a good choice. However, cedar may not be a good choice for bedding plants or some perennials. 

Cedar mulch is sold by the yard, but if you only need a little, you are welcome to bring a storage container, garbage pail, garbage bags, or other container to fill, and we will price it accordingly. 

Minimum purchase for free delivery is 5 yardsIf you need less than 5 yards, delivery is $25, and you must call to order if ordering less than 5. 

How much do you need? One yard usually covers about 150 square feet, or an area that is 10' x 10', for example. This is figured at approximately 2" thick. The thinner you lay it down, the further it will go, but it may not do the job you need it to. If it is a new area that has not had mulch before, if you tend to be less attentive to pulling weeds, and/or if you water frequently, you will want at least 2"; however, if you are simply freshening up and top dressing old mulch, if your garden beds are in the shade where weeds do not typically grow as quickly, or if you are able to pay a lot of attention to weed maintenance, a thinner layer should suffice.

NOTE: We deliver to Old Mission Peninsula residents only. This includes the residences around Central High School and NMC and those down East Shore Road. We do not cross US 31/Munson Avenue. If you are unsure if your address qualifies, please call. 

TO ORDER: You may call us to place your order. You may also place your order and pay here on the web site; we will call to set up a day and time for delivery.