Culinary Himalayan Salt with Lavender

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Himalayan Salt is much better for you than sea salt or ionized salt! The latter two are heated during a purification process that heats them to such extreme temperatures that they lose all their natural minerals and anything good they may have had (except flavor!). Conversely, Himalayan Salt is mined out of the Himalayan Mountains and simply ground to the necessary size depending on its intended use. Therefore, it retains 82 minerals that are good for us to consume. (On the skin, it is very detoxing.)  It has a stronger salt flavor, as well, so you do not need as much. Pink is its natural color.

Use this Himalayan Salt with Lavender in anything you would use salt in: meat, eggs, veggies, potatoes, soup, etc. You will love it!

Contents: Himalayan Salt, Organic, Dried Lavender