Lavender Sachet, Handmade

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These lavender sachets have many of the same uses as the organza sachets, except we hand make these, so different prints are available all the time. They are also a little nicer for gifts. Try them in the following ways:

  • keep the linens and clothes in your closets or drawers smelling nice
  • help you sleep- keep one next to the bed and give it a squeeze and a sniff right before you lie down. These are flatter than the organza, so you can actually slip one inside your pillowcase.
  • help you relax in a stressful moment - keep one in your desk at work, in the car, in your child's backpack
  • help with the stink of your or a child's gym bag 
  • keep moths and spiders out of your off-season clothes, closets, holiday boxes, and anything stored (RV's, cars, boats, etc)
  • These are a great great gift.